• How we help section image introducing the 103 styled condenser microphone for studio recording.

    How We Help

    We help you unlock your true sound with the Elevate-103 condenser microphone. Built for extreme adaptability, you can be confident that you will capture your true sound with precision on any application.

    Unlock Your Sound 
  • Who we are section image explaining who Upside Microphones is and details about the condenser microphone.

    Who We Are

    We are a Family owned and operated microphone company, dedicated to merging affordability and top-tier sound. The Elevate-103 recording microphone. stands testament to our commitment.

    More About Us 
  • What we do section image explaining what the Upside recording microphone brand does tailored for home recording.

    What We Do

    We focus on bringing high-quality studio microphones to musicians and audio-enthusiast alike by designing the Elevate-103 microphone to be the go-to, versatile powerhouse for every application.

    The Elevate-103 
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  • Sleek and Durable Design

    The Elevate-103 melds elegance with a sturdy zinc alloy frame, fortified by heat treatment and a protective, heavy-duty finish.

  • True Recording Flexibility

    Versatility straight out of the box, from studio sessions to live podcasts, the Elevate-103 delivers seamless adaptability.

  • Superior Audio Clarity

    The Elevate-103 offers high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and a low noise level, capturing every sound with precision.

  • Hand-Tested Excellence

    Each microphone is meticulously hand-tested and packed, guaranteeing optimal performance right out of the box

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